Family re-newing effort to find loved one’s killer


11:04 PM, Dec 1, 2015

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Nearly 7 years and it still feels like yesterday for the family of Omaha murder victim Peter Barges. He was beaten to death on a cold January night back in 2009.

Investigators believe two men were involved in the crime. Police arrested Armando Gomez for accessory to a felony, but police never caught the accused killer.

The Barges family are re-igniting their effort to get justice

“It’s been hard for our whole family,” said Peter Barges’ brother Michael Barges.

Both Michael and Peter’s dad reflected on that tragic day almost 7 years ago.

“It was one of those things where you just instantly in shock and you don’t believe it,” said Michael Barges. “I was mostly confused about what could have transpired that would have brought this about,” said Peter’s father Martin Barges.

For Michael Barges, 7 years of memories without his only sibling, “There doesn’t go a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him so it’s a frustrating thing.”

Investigators found 39-year-old Peter Barges dead on is driveway near 71st and Lake Streets on January 22, 2009. There is a warrant out to arrest Rafael Jiminez for murder, but has long gone. The family believes Jiminez fled to Mexico after killing their loved one. Barges had one son, 10 years old sat the time, he’s now 17.

“We know who did it, they’re gone and we can’t get him back,” said Michael Barges.

“I find it hard to believe that nobody can do anything at all,” said Martin Barges.

The family is hoping any new immigration laws will speed up the process to find justice and bring closure to this lingering situation.

“It’s been frustrating knowing that we know who did it, that our government knows who did it, law enforcement knows who did it and we still can’t get him back from Mexico,” said Michael Barges.

The Barges say probably the only way now to turn up the pressure to find the killer is to have our elected officials do something about this.

Omaha police are still rewarding anyone with information on this case, $25,000. Their number is 402-444-STOP.

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